A to Z of Council Services

Car Parks

More about: Car Parks

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Care Act

More about: The Care Act 2014

Care Homes

Residential care homes are available to anyone aged 65 or over and living within the city boundaries

More about: Care Homes


More about: Careline - community alarm


A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their support.

More about: Carers


CCTV making Southampton a safer place to live, work and visit

More about: CCTV

Change of address

More about: Change of address form


More about: Childcare

Children's Centres

More about: Sure Start Children's Centres

Children's Services

More about: Children's Services

Citywide Local Plan

More about: New Citywide Local Plan

Clinical waste

More about: Clinical waste

Comment on a planning application

More about: Comment on a planning application

Commercial Waste

More about: Commercial Waste

Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer (CAT)

More about: Community Asset Transfer

Community Centres

You can book a community centre or the rooms in a community centre to hold a meeting, party or event.

More about: Community Centres

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

More about: Community Infrastructure Levy

Community learning

We offer over 800 part time courses in our community learning scheme, located at a wide range of local and community venues.

More about: Community learning

Community Safety

Report anti-social behaviour

More about: Community Safety

Conservation areas

More about: Conservation areas


The latest surveys and consultations

More about: Consultations

Contact Us

You can search for services online or E-mail addresses to get in touch are shown on our service pages.

More about: Contact Us

Council meetings

More about: Council meetings

Council Tax band

Council Tax is a property-based charge with only one bill for each household. Every property is allocated a band according to its market value.

More about: Council Tax band

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Council Tax Reduction

This will depend on your income and circumstances.

More about: Council Tax Reduction

Council tenants

More about: Your rent


Southampton is a unitary council. This means that the council is responsible for all local services within the city. Example services include education, highways and social services.

More about: Councillors

Council's Management Team

More about: Management team


Southampton is a bike friendly city with plenty on offer for cyclists.

More about: Cycling

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