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Car Parks

More About... Car Parks

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Care Act

More About... The Care Act 2014

Care Homes

Residential care homes are available to anyone aged 65 or over and living within the city boundaries

More About... Care Homes


More About... Careline - community alarm


A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their support.

More About... Carers


CCTV making Southampton a safer place to live, work and visit

More About... CCTV

Change of address

More About... Register a change of address


More About... Childcare

Children's Centres

More About... Sure Start Children's Centres

Children's Services

More About... Children's Services

Citywide Local Plan

More About... New Citywide Local Plan

Clinical waste

More About... Clinical waste

Comment on a planning application

More About... Comment on a planning application

Commercial Waste

More About... Commercial Waste

Community Asset Transfer

Community Asset Transfer (CAT)

More About... Community Asset Transfer

Community Centres

You can book a community centre or the rooms in a community centre to hold a meeting, party or event.

More About... Community Centres

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

More About... Community Infrastructure Levy

Community learning

We offer over 800 part time courses in our community learning scheme, located at a wide range of local and community venues.

More About... Community learning

Community Safety

Report anti-social behaviour

More About... Community Safety

Conservation areas

More About... Conservation areas


The latest surveys and consultations

More About... Consultations

Contact Us

You can search for services online or E-mail addresses to get in touch are shown on our service pages.

More About... Contact Us

Council meetings

More About... Council meetings

Council Tax band

Council Tax is a property-based charge with only one bill for each household. Every property is allocated a band according to its market value.

More About... Council Tax band

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Council Tax Reduction

More About... Council Tax Reduction

Council tenants

More About... Your rent


Southampton is a unitary council. This means that the council is responsible for all local services within the city. Example services include education, highways and social services.

More About... Councillors

Council's Management Team

More About... Management team

Crematorium Diary

A diary showing appointments for both the East and West Chapel at the crematorium.

More About... Crematorium Diary


Southampton is a bike friendly city with plenty on offer for cyclists.

More About... Cycling

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