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Car parks

More about... Car Parks

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Care Act

The Care Act means that carers now have a legal right to receive care and support where they have eligible needs.

More about... The Care Act 2014

Care assessment

Our self-assessment tools will advise you whether a full assessment is likely to be required. The recommendations can then be referred on to us.

More about... Adult social care

Care homes

Residential care homes are available to anyone aged 65 or over and living within the city boundaries

More about... Care Homes

Care support for adults

More about... Local care support for adults


The Careline service offers you help, security and peace of mind in your own home at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day.

More about... Careline - community alarm


A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their support.

More about... Carers

Online services


Royal Pier, Leisure World and Watermark WestQuay - applications and decisions.

More about... large casino


CCTV is making Southampton a safer place to live, work and visit.

More about... CCTV


Southampton City Council manages five cemeteries, all of which are open every day of the year.

More about... Cemeteries

Central Library

Central Library is based in the Civic Centre, Southampton.

More about... Southampton Central Library

Change of address

More about... Register a change of address

Changes to your bin collections

More about... Changes to your bin collections


More about... Childcare

Children's Centres

Did you know that Sure Start Children's Centres across the city are there for all families with children under 5?

More about... Sure Start Children's Centres

Children's services

Information on fostering, adoption, special educational needs and disabilities and Southampton Family Information Service.

More about... Children's Services

City Depot and Recycling Park

The address for the Southampton recycling centre is City Depot and Recycling Park, First Avenue, Southampton SO15 0LJ

More about... Southampton Household Waste Recycling Centre

Citywide Local Plan

A long-term strategy to manage development, protect the environment and promote sustainable communities

More about... New Citywide Local Plan

Civic Centre address

Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY.

More about... Contacting the council

Clean city

The city council cannot achieve a clean city alone. Your support is needed to keep your city clean.

More about... Keep your City Clean

Clinical waste

Clinical Waste collection is arranged through your doctor’s surgery or healthcare centre and begins after they have made a referral to us.

More about... Clinical waste

Cobbett Library

More about... Cobbett Hub and Library

Comment on a planning application

More about... Comment on a planning application

Commercial waste

An affordable, local and reliable service for collecting commercial waste.

More about... Commercial Waste

Community Asset Transfer

The aim of CAT is to enable buildings or land to be transferred to a voluntary, community or faith organisation for community use.

More about... Community Asset Transfer

Community centres

You can book a community centre or the rooms in a community centre to hold a meeting, party or event.

More about... Community Centres

Community centres

More about... Community centres

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tool for local authorities to help deliver infrastructure to support development.

More about... Community Infrastructure Levy

Community safety

Report anti-social behaviour.

More about... Community Safety

Concessionary Library Card

Information about the Concessionary Library Card available to people receiving certain state benefits,those with a learning disability or if you have a Sensory Services card.

More about... Concessionary Library Card

Conservation areas

More about... Conservation areas


In this section you can have your say on various issues.

More about... Consultations

Contact us

If you want to access our services. our website can save you time and allow you to access our services 24/7.

More about... Contacting us

Contents insurance - council tenants

Information about contents insurance if you are a council tenant.

More about... Contents insurance - council tenants

Council housing

More about... Apply to join the Housing Register

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Council housing - repair

Request a repair to your council home.

More about... Council housing - repair

Council meetings

More about... Council meetings

Council Tax bands

Find out the Council Tax charge for each band.

More about... Council tax bands

Council Tax Reduction

Find out more about getting help with your Council Tax costs.

More about... Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction calculator

More about... CTRS calculator

Council tenancy agreement

Information about you tenancy agreement document and what to do if you are moving out.

More about... Council tenancy agreement

Council tenant - reporting anti social behaviour

How to report anti social behaviour if you are a council tenant.

More about... Council tenant - reporting anti social behaviour

Council tenant responsibilities

Guidance about what your resposibilities are as a council tenant.

More about... Council tenant responsibilities


Southampton is a unitary council. This means that the council is responsible for all local services within the city. Example services include education, highways and social services.

More about... Councillors

Council's Management Team

The Council's Management Team comprises the Chief Executive and Directors. They work alongside the councillors.

More about... Management team


Southampton Crematorium is set in natural woodland hosting beautiful and peaceful surroundings with a serene Garden of Rest.

More about... Southampton Crematorium

Crematorium Diary

A diary showing appointments for both the East and West Chapel at the crematorium.

More about... Crematorium Diary

Crematorium memorials

We have a number of memorials available to order that would create a fitting tribute for your departed loved one

More about... Crematorium memorials


Southampton is a bike-friendly city with plenty on offer for cyclists.

More about... Cycling

Cycling strategy

Cycling Southampton Strategy 2017-2027 sets out our future plan for investing in cycling.

More about... Our cycling strategy

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