Community street closures

This page provides information on community street closures for less than 500 residents or neighbours. For more information about events with more than 500 residents, you can visit Discover Southampton's events webpage.

Southampton Community Street Closures

You can apply to close your local street to host a street party, community event or enable children to play safely in the street.

Suggestions of ways to use your closed street and tips on a successful event are available on The Street Party and Playing Out websites.


For all community street closures you will need to notify the council, read the terms and conditions and noise guidance and complete the application form.

Community Street Closure application form

You should send us the completed form at least six weeks before you are planning to hold your event.


Most community street closures are not expensive but there are some possible costs you should be aware of:

  • Road closure applications received six weeks before the first day of the month of your street closure will be processed for free. For example, if you are holding your street closure on 21 July 2019 you need to get your application to us by 20 May 2019. Otherwise a road closure notice will cost £112
  • You should consider obtaining Public Liability Insurance
  • The hire of appropriate road closure signs
  • £25 for site inspection if you erect a stage or a bouncy castle
  • £21 if your event needs a Temporary Event Notice for the supply or sale of alcohol

We will assess whether a Temporary Event Notice will need to be agreed for your proposed event under the Licensing Act 2003.

Cleaning up

It is your responsibility to leave the site in a clean and tidy condition. This includes litter that may be blown beyond the site boundary. The organiser of the street closure will be charged if the council has to send extra clearers to clean the street after your event.