Last updated: 18-07-2023. From web page: Register a birth.

Terms and Conditions for Birth appointments

Terms and Conditions

Birth appointments

  1. We ask that appointments are booked online unless:
  2. If you have ticked that you need an interpreter to help you with your English, that person must come with you to the appointment. You have confirmed that you will do this as part of booking the appointment. We cannot accept ‘over the phone’ interpreters or google translate being used. If you are not married/in a legal civil partnership with each other, one parent cannot interpret for the other.
  3. Due to charges made for consideration of any corrections by General Register Office, we ask that you bring with you (for mother and father/2nd female parent):
    • Your passports and/or
    • Driving licence and/or
    • Proof of your address, proof of any name changes etc
    • Not all 2nd female parents can be entered onto the registration, please email to clarify your position before your appointment.
  4. We will endeavour to see you at your selected appointment time; however, this may not always be possible if:
    • Our systems have gone down
    • You are more than 5 minutes late for your appointment.
    • If the Registrar feels that you don’t understand the procedure or questions sufficiently and your appointment must be rescheduled, to enable you to provide an interpreter to come to your next appointment. Interpreter appointments are booked as longer appointments to enable these registrations to be completed.
    • The birth took place outside of Southampton City and you have declined to register by declaration. We are only able to register events that have occurred within the City of Southampton. We can take a birth declaration from you and send this to the district where the birth took place, but you will not receive any certificates from us. You will need to apply to the district where the birth took place.
    • You are not a qualified informant.
    • You do not have sufficient information to complete the registration.
  5. After the registration you will receive: As many birth certificates as you have purchased (whether online when booking the appointment or at the appointment in the office). You can purchase additional certificates at the appointment if required. These may be sent on to you if the system is down or you will be asked to apply online.
  6. Parking spaces at the office are limited and not guaranteed. There is on road parking which is chargeable.