Flood risk advice

Southampton water with seagulls flying over

If you have experienced flooding or know of an area that floods, please report it to us so that we can investigate and the responsible Risk Management Authority can take action.

Report a flood

Reporting flood incidents allows the relevant authority to know when and where flooding is happening and allows them to take action to mitigate issues and investigate recurring flooding events with partner stakeholders.

Report a flood

Advice and support

To help you prepare for and stay safe from the risks and impacts of flooding please use the following links for advice and support.

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Know your risk

Find out if your home or business is at risk of flooding and sign up to receive free Flood and Weather Warnings to know when and where flooding is likely to happen.

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Prepare a flood plan

Flooding is stressful. Have a personalised step by step guide to follow when flooding is forecasted, just like an emergency fire plan, which helps everyone know what to do and when.


Driveways and gardens

If you have a home with outdoor space and you're thinking about making changes, know the permissions you require and see our recommendations for permeable solutions.

Water butt

Drainage and water storage

Water is a valuable resource. With climate change we are likely to see more droughts and storms where we have too little or too much water. See what you can do to improve storage and drainage of water at home.

Flood barrier outside door

Property flood resistance and resilience

There are ways to reduce the likelihood and impact of flooding to your property.

What to do when a flood is forecast

Steps that you can take before, during and after a flood that will help to keep yourself, your family and colleagues safe during times of flooding.

Before, during and after a flood

Useful links for more information