Southampton water with seagulls flying over

To help you prepare for and stay safe from the risks and impacts of flooding please use the following links for advice and support. 

Sign up for flood warnings

Sign up for the Flood Warnings Direct Service provided free by the Environment Agency to know when and where flooding is likely to occur.

Report a flood

Reporting flood incidents allows the relevant authority to know when and where flooding is happening and allows them to take action to reduce issues and investigate recurring flooding events with partner stakeholders.

What to do before and during a flood

The best way to ensure that you, your family and home stays as safe as possible during a flood is through preparation. Follow the link for advice and information on how to prepare and stay safe during a flooding incident.

What to do after a flood

Experiencing flooding is a difficult and stressful time. Follow this link for information on what to do after a flood including information on how to clear up safely.

National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum is a great resource for information on how to manage your own flood risk and stay safe during a flood.

Property Flood Resilience

There are ways to reduce the likelihood and impact of flooding to your property. Follow the above link to find out more about Property Flood Resilience.