Children's Social Workers

Can you help build bright futures for children in Southampton?

We are building brilliant services for children and young people in the city, and this starts with our practitioners and managers. We are the Southampton Family, and we care for each other, offering strong support and strong challenge. If you join us, you will be part of an ‘almost fully permanent’ service.

We are excited to be the only local authority in our region offering a substantive systemic training pathway, leading, for those who want it, to being a fully qualified family therapist.

If you join our team will receive excellent support and an engaging learning environment with ‘widely available’ and ‘thoughtfully commissioned’ training opportunities to enable you to practice at your best.

Staff spoke with enthusiasm about the way in which recent training has impacted on and improved their practice - Ofsted July 2023

We will protect your caseload to enable you to do meaningful work with families and to support your work-life balance.

Practitioners have manageable caseloads and this enables them to visit children regularly, build trusting relationships and improve children’s circumstances - Ofsted July 2023

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