Useful library information for refugees and asylum seekers

Find your local library

To find your nearest library type in your postcode or street (minimum 6 characters) and select your address:

Southampton has 11 libraries. You can also find your nearest library by checking our map.

Join a library

It’s free to get a library card from your local library. Ask for the new ‘Welcome Card’.

At a library show ID, this can include:

  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
  • Application Registration Card (ARC)
  • Convention Travel Document
  • Immigration status letter
  • Asylum Support Letter

Anyone with a ‘Welcome Card' will pay no fines or charges even for lost or overdue items.

Use the library to

  • Meet family and friends
  • Read newspapers, magazines and books
  • Find information, help and advice

Services we offer

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Contact the library

For more information please contact
Tel: 023 8083 3007

Other useful contacts

Organisations supporting asylum seekers and refugees in Southampton SHOW

Local Organisations – befriending service SHOW

National Organisations – help, advice and support SHOW