Integrated Strategies to Strengthen Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity

We are proud to announce the adoption of these two new strategies. They are closely aligned with the recently adopted Climate Change Strategy and are designed to improve the city's network of green and blue infrastructure and environments, address declines in our wildlife and improve the extent and condition of the city’s semi-natural habitats

A tree in front of a blue sky at twilight. The sun is lighting the clouds and the sky

The Biodiversity Strategy and Green Infrastructure Strategy have undergone a rigorous internal consultation process during 2022 and 2023. In September and October of 2023, external consultations were conducted, resulting in an overwhelming response of over 400 valuable inputs. In July 2022, internal and external consultations introduced the concept and need for a Green Grid, receiving an astonishing 2,500 responses.

Delivery plans for both the Biodiversity Strategy and Green Infrastructure Strategy are now currently underway.

Collaboration with landowners across the city is underway to explore the potential for strengthening links in the Green Grid and actively encouraging the creation of more connected Green Infrastructure throughout the city. These efforts are intended to build a more connected, resilient and healthier city that is better adapted to the challenges caused by climate change and is richer in wildlife.

We have reviewed the Planning Policies and Supplementary Planning Documents within the Local Plan, incorporating guidance on the expected Green Infrastructure standards for all future developments. We will provide detailed guidance on the type of Green Infrastructure expected, ensuring it is of high quality, effective and suitable for the unique setting of the city.

Development of the Green Grid and delivery of our two new strategies will tie in with the work Hampshire County Council are currently undertaking to develop the Local Nature Recovery Strategy and help the Southampton meet its enhanced biodiversity obligations under the Environment Act 2021.

To view the strategies, please visit Our Green City.