Plans for new learning resource base for deaf children approved in Millbrook

Planning permission has been granted to expand Newlands Primary School in Millbrook to include a new primary resource base for deaf children

Architect drawing of new primary resource base at Newlands Primary School, Millbrook

The approved plans set out a single storey extension off the junior wing of the existing school, which will house two new classrooms, a therapy room, group room, staff work room, toilets and storage facilities. To ensure the new building is energy efficient, thicker insulation and triple glazed windows will be used with south facing windows having the added benefit of solar controlled triple glazed windows. This will also help to filter out more outside noise within the new building, an important factor for the deaf resource base.

A new path will be constructed around the extension with both classrooms having access to dedicated paved areas and benches. The plans also include the planting of new trees and protection of existing mature trees. Further enhancing biodiversity within the school grounds, the installation of a bat box, swift box, two bird boxes and two insect holes are also included within the plans.

Construction on the building is planned to start this autumn with the new school facilities ready for use next year.

Councillor James Baillie, Cabinet Member for Education, praised the scheme:

“I’m thrilled the proposal for this much-needed specialist learning space has been granted planning permission allowing us to progress forward with the project.

“We want a city that promotes wellbeing and provides excellent education and development opportunities for young people so they can start well in life. The expansion of Newlands Primary School will improve the quality of learning opportunities for deaf children in Southampton, creating a city of opportunity for all.

“I look forward to seeing a start on site in autumn with the new primary resource base for deaf children delivered next year.”

Karen Mellor, Headteacher at Newlands Primary School, said:

“We are excited to be getting a purpose-built, specialist base for deaf children, many of whom are already on roll at our school.

“The new base will further the inclusive provision we already offer and will allow our children to thrive. It will also provide our amazing support staff team with the facilities they need to give bespoke learning support, therapy and other specialist support.

“We are delighted that the expansion project includes grounds development and biodiversity plans, which all of our children will learn from too.”