Southampton Citizens' Climate Assembly

Southampton City Council, together with the University of Southampton, are planning to hold a Climate Assembly in the City of Southampton in 2023 to discuss climate change and the road to net zero with local residents and businesses

Southampton Citizens' Climate Assembly logo

Citizen’s Assemblies bring an inclusive and diverse set of people together, engage them in informed, and safe deliberation, and provide recommendations to decision-makers on controversial topics.

In recent years, local governments have been increasingly using citizens' assemblies in their work. These assemblies have enabled policymakers to better understand people's informed and considered preferences on key complex issues.

Southampton City Council and the University of Southampton are looking to deliver a wide, democratic, and cutting-edge citizen engagement programme on climate in 2023, with a strong commitment from the leader, Satvir Kaur as well as demand from the recently formed Climate Commission of leading businesses and third sector bodies.

In the coming months, several initiatives will take place across neighbourhoods within the city and online, allowing people to learn, deliberate and decide in ways that make sense to them. An assembly will take place in the autumn to work with experts to recommend clever solutions to difficult problems which will be implemented and monitored over the coming months and years.

Find out more and register your interest by visiting Rebooting Democracy.