Townhill Park sites to be transformed into affordable housing thanks to framework

As part of the Affordable Housing Framework, Southampton City Council have put forward two sites in Townhill Park to four registered housing providers to bid on to build new affordable housing

In April, the housing providers that were appointed to the framework in 2023 received a mini tender for Benhams Road (Plot 5) and Meggeson Avenue shops and residential (Plot 6). The mini tender provides information about the two sites and sets out the council’s aspirations for new affordable housing in the city.

Once the mini tenders have been received, they will be evaluated, and one successful registered housing provider appointed for both sites. The evaluation process is structured in a way to allow the land to be sold to the housing provider that offers the best overall submission. It will contain information including:

  • The designs
  • Programme
  • The number, sizes and mix of homes to be delivered (social, affordable, and shared ownership)
  • The quality of management and maintenance proposed

The council will then commence the legal work which will lead to a formal award to the successful registered provider. Once appointed the registered housing providers will move to the initial design stage which will ultimately lead to a planning application and construction. They will be keen to engage with local residents as part of this phase.

In February this year, cabinet approved that Plot 2 (which has a boundary of Meggeson Avenue, Townhill Way, Paulet Close and Cutbush Lane) and Plot 9 (Rowlands Walk) in Townhill Park will be the next two sites to go through the tender process. The expressions of interest for these sites will go out early summer. These four registered housing providers will work with the council to help address the significant need for affordable housing in Southampton.

Councillor Fielker, Leader of Southampton City Council, said:

“The two sites at Townhill Park which have gone out to mini tender is a great step not only for the Affordable Housing Framework but also for the regeneration of Townhill Park. The regeneration is more than just building new homes, it is about creating a better neighbourhood and community for our residents to live and thrive in.

“The Affordable Housing Framework will keep the council committed to providing good quality housing across the city, giving our residents stability and a sense of belonging”.