Catchment areas

To find a school within Southampton (SO14-SO19), enter the postcode or street name (minimum six characters) into the box below. For schools outside the city boundary, you will need to visit the relevant local authority's website, such as Hampshire or Eastleigh Borough Council.

Catchment schools

Some addresses in Southampton do not have a catchment school. In these cases, the catchment area search below will show you the five nearest schools.

If the selected address is within a catchment area, the catchment school will have a green tick next to it.

To learn more about your catchment area, you can also consult our maps of the whole city:

In the event of any dispute about catchment area boundaries, the definitive map is the sole authoritative source. For more information, read our designated catchment areas statement.

If you need any further help, please contact the school admissions team, who hold the definitive map of catchment areas at the Civic Centre.