Education settings for children with SEND

Southampton City Council has a duty to ensure that schools are clear on their 'offer of support' for pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disability. You will find that each school has published a SEN information report on their website, which might also be known as a 'School Local Offer'. This report says what the school will offer for pupils who have SEN.

In the School SEN Information report you will find information about how the school will identify if a pupil has a Special Educational Need and how a decision will be made on the type and level of support they will need. The report will also explain who will be involved in the decision making process and how you as a parent will be involved.

All schools must be inclusive and have a legal duty to do their best to meet the needs of children with special educational needs and disabilities. All schools in Southampton receive notional SEN funding which they must use to support children with special educational needs. Staff must ensure that children with additional needs are given opportunities to participate in school activities with other children as much as possible.

You can also find Hampshire Special Needs Schools on the Hampshire County Council website.

Section 41 schools are independent special schools which have been approved by the Secretary of State under section 41 of the Children and Families Act (“CAFA”) 2014 as schools which a parent or young person can request to be named in an EHC plan. View section 41 independent special schools and colleges.

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