Exclusion from school

Excluded children are not allowed to attend school, however we have a duty to provide a suitable education to any permanently excluded pupil. We will do this through another school, a Pupil Referral Unit or home tuition.

There are two types of exclusion:

1. A fixed period exclusion

This is usually for a short period and can include lunchtime exclusions. The pupil must return at the end of the exclusion period. If a head teacher excludes a child for more than one day, their teacher will set some work for them.

Our head teachers can exclude a pupil for up to 45 school days in any school year.

2. A permanent exclusion

This means that the pupil cannot return to the school unless allowed to by the governing body or by an appeal panel.

The Exclusions and Reintegration officer advises and supports schools and families on exclusion. We work to ensure reintegration of long-term, fixed term and permanent exclusions.

For further information on exclusion from school, please feel free to contact us at exclusions@southampton.gov.uk

Alternatively, the government website, GOV.UK, provides more information on exclusions