Healthy High 5 Award

The Healthy High 5 Award was launched in Southampton to make it easier for schools to provide healthy and fun activities for all pupils to improve their wellbeing.

The Healthy High 5 Award has five achievable elements (stars) designed to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of all school pupils. For a school to achieve the full award all five stars criteria will need to be met. There are three levels of the award:

Bronze (working towards)

The school is working towards the HH5. This means they have started to make changes and improvement, but these are either not yet in all five stars or are not consistent.

Silver (achieving)

The school is making and maintaining improvements in all five stars and consistency of participation is high​.

Gold (we're gold)

Awards are given at the end of each term after participation logs have been submitted to the HH5 team.

The award links in with local and national education and health policies and guidance.

It also offers involvement as a school in themed activities such as ‘growing the tallest sunflower in the City’, National Fitness Day in association with Active Nation, mindfulness activities and the schools ‘Marathon Challenge’.

If you are a parent, speak to your child’s headteacher about getting your school signed up for the Healthy High Five Award.

If you are a head teacher and would like to sign up, please:

  • Telephone: 0300 123 6661 (Main School Nursing/Health Visitor Number)
  • Email: (subject line Healthy High 5 and your school's name)

If you are part of an Early Years Setting in Southampton check out the HEYA (Healthy Early Years Award).

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