Multi-agency policies and guidance

Southampton SAB works closely with other Safeguarding Boards in Hampshire, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight so that practitioners across the areas from all services can share policies, procedures, tools and guidance which set out how local agencies will work together. Collectively we are known as the ‘4LSAB’.

The purpose of the 4LSAB policy and guidance is to support staff to respond appropriately to all concerns of abuse or neglect they may encounter, providing a consistent response across the county. The 4LSAB Safeguarding Adults Policy and Guidance is updated regularly.

Please see below for further policies and guidance.

4LSAB policies and guidance

4LSAB Multi Agency Risk Management Framework (MARM) SHOW

4LSAB Safeguarding Concerns Guidance SHOW

4LSAB Guidance on Safer Recruitment for Statutory Agencies, Providers and the Voluntary and Community Sector SHOW

4LSAB Self Neglect Policy and Resources SHOW

4LSAB Safeguarding Adults Escalation Policy SHOW

4LSCB and 4LSAB Family Approach toolkit SHOW

Skills for care SHOW

4LSAB Guidance on Safeguarding Adults in Commissioned Services SHOW

4LSAB Predatory Marriage SHOW

4LSAB Multi Agency Framework for Managing Risk and Safeguarding People Moving into Adulthood SHOW

4LSAB Multi Agency Fire Safety Framework SHOW

4LSAB Managing Allegations Against People in Positions of Trust SHOW

4LSAB Professional Curiosity SHOW

Abuse of Position for a Sexual Purpose or Improper Emotional Relationship SHOW

Missing Persons Protocol (The Herbert Protocol) SHOW