Carer's Assessments

Carers are people of any age who look after an adult or child who is disabled, ill, elderly or has issues with substance misuse and are not paid for the care they give.

What is a Carer’s Assessment?

A Carer's Assessment could help you if you look after a relative, or friend, and the unpaid caring you give has an impact on your life.

The aim of a Carer’s Assessment is to identify the carer’s ability to provide both short and long term care. The assessment gives a carer the opportunity to record the impact that caring has on their life and their mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. The assessment will encourage a carer to look at what help they can get from family and friends and what there is in their local community to support them.

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What support can a carer get if they do not want an assessment or the person they care for is not a Southampton resident?

Most carers will still be able to get support, for example information about activities or support groups that they can access. For further information please see:

Adult and parent carers can also look at the information on the Unpaid Carers Support Southampton (UCSS) website or contact UCSS.

Parent carers will find a lot of helpful information in the Local Offer Channel SEND information for parents and carers.

Young Carers can contact the No Limits Young Carers Project for information about support.