Day services and activities

Many people are able to live independently and safely at home with some help and support. Others just want to get out and socialise with other people who may be in a similar situation. Day Centres meet these needs.

There are a variety of council, charity, and private sector centres across Southampton. They are run by qualified and experienced staff and provide a number of activities, intended to:

  • Help you gain the practical skills needed for independent living, such as cooking and laundry
  • Give you advice on a range of subjects including opportunities to try out equipment to help with daily living tasks
  • Provide gentle exercise and help with mobility
  • Provide social activities such as crafts and hobbies, games, outings, and entertainment

Some day centres offer training or work projects for people with disabilities. Others help those recovering from illness such as a stroke.

People can also attend a day centre to give carers a break from their caring responsibilities.

You can view day services and activities on our directory of support services.

Day services for disabled adults

Southampton Day Services provide a community focused day service provision for adults aged 18 and over with severe learning disabilities, physical disabilities or mental health issues. We are committed to providing services that focus on a person's individual needs and we aim to be flexible and innovative in our approach.

We are based in two main units across the city

  • Woolston Community Centre 
  • Sembal House

We also provide a service from several smaller bases, for example, Tools for Self Reliance and Wooden Reflections.

Find out more about Southampton Day Services and their recent activities.