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Bulky Waste Collection Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Service description

The bulky waste household collection service is provided to dispose of large household items e.g. wardrobes, sofas, which cannot be disposed of through the normal domestic waste collection service.

Please note this is not a service for businesses and landlords. Letting property is considered a business and landlords have a responsibility for ensuring that all rubbish left by tenants leaving your premises is disposed of properly and legally. If a service is booked no collection or refund will be made.

Please contact our trade waste service to get a quote: email or call us on 023 8083 4325 The service is available to residents of Southampton only. The service is chargeable based on the prices listed in section 2. Payment has to be made prior to the items being collected. Only the specified items which have been paid for will be collected. Any extra items will not be collected. We will only collect a maximum of 10 items

Prices and payment


The item charges are dependent on their size, Standard items cost £12, Large items cost £23 and Extra-large items cost £34.

Payment can be made online at or over the phone by calling 023 8083 3005.

Concessions for people in receipt of means tested benefits

People in receipt of means tested benefits (Income Support, Pensions Credit, Job Seekers Allowance – income related, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction and Employment Support Allowance) or Universal Credits are entitled to a 25% reduction on the normal charge.

In order to receive the discount, you will need to provide a benefits reference number or national insurance number to evidence you are in receipt of means tested benefits.

Cancellations and refunds

You have until 12:00 mid-day on the day before the scheduled collection to cancel the collection by telephone. There will be no refunds for cancellations notified after this time. Items for collection are specified by the customer. If the items for collection are not in a suitable place for collection (see Section 5 below) then these items will not be collected and no refund will apply.

Collection location

It is your responsibility to put your items at the agreed collection point by 7am on the day of collection.

Please ensure that your items are easily accessible and do not block walkways or access routes for others.

Houses – items must be left at the front of your property (not on the pavement).

Flats – items must be left in the communal bin area. It is your responsibility to list any access codes or if keys for access are required when the booking is made

Collection Items

Only items which have been specified by the customer will be collected. Customers can only request a maximum of two fridges or freezers on each collection, for example this could be two fridges, or two freezers or one fridge and one freezer.

These items must be empty or they will not be collected.

The service is booked per item, i.e. a bed and a mattress are two items not one, if multiple items are booked as one item then only one will be taken.

All items listed for collection must be clearly identifiable – no responsibility will be accepted for articles taken in error.

Only items presented will be collected – a refund will not be made if you put out less items than you have specified.

Loose wood planks must be tied together into manageable bundles, any loose wooden bundles will not be collected.

Please note items such as mattresses and sofas must be covered. They will not be collected if they become wet as they become too heavy to move.

Items we will not collect

  • We are unable to collect items that are too heavy for two people to move and lift safely such as a piano or shed
  • Items that are over 3 meters in length
  • Dangerous waste like asbestos, chemicals or paint stripper
  • Waste left in your home by building work or repair
  • Laminated floorboards or kitchen worktops (stone or granite)
  • Window frames, external doors, conservatories
  • Fencing, greenhouses, sheds or petrol lawn mowers
  • Tyres, gas canisters, car batteries, parts or engines
  • Items that still contain their batteries
  • Mobility scooters
  • Commercial fridges/freezers/cookers
  • Garage doors
  • HIPPO style bulk clearance bags

Collection days

Bulky waste will be collected on the specified day. The Council reserves the right to alter the collection day, but will provide adequate notice to customers of any changes. The service operates on Monday to Friday depending on which ward the property is in. Collections will take place between 7am – 3pm. (see section 1)

Missed collection

Where a collection has been presented correctly and been missed by the Council and reported by the customer, the Council will endeavour to return as soon as possible following it being reported, or as soon as is reasonably practicable after the circumstances preventing the collection have been resolved. Missed collections should be reported by calling 023 8083 3005 within two working days of the collection date. Where items have not been presented correctly or within the specified collection times, the Council will not return to collect the items and no refund will be given.

Cancellation of the service by Southampton City Council

If the customer contravenes these terms and conditions, then the service may be cancelled by the Council. In such circumstances there will be no refunds for service fees paid.

Statutory rights

The terms and conditions for the Bulky Waste Collection Service do not affect your statutory rights.

Data protection statement

Southampton City Council is collecting this information in order to perform this service or function, and if further information is needed in order to do so, you may be contacted using the details provided. In performing this service, the Council may share your information with other organisations or departments, but only when it is satisfied that it is necessary to perform a public task, or to exercise its statutory duties to do so. The Council may also share your personal information for the purposes of the prevention, investigation, detection, or prosecution of criminal offences, but will not share your personal information, or use it for this, or any other purpose, unless provided for by law. More detailed information about the Council’s handling of your personal data can be found in its privacy policy, available online(, or on request