Domestic abuse

A broken blue plate on a hard floor

Domestic abuse has a destructive impact on individuals, families, and communities. Southampton has a high recorded domestic abuse rate that continues to rise. In 2017/18 3,000 domestic abuse crimes were recorded by Hampshire Constabulary for Southampton.

Domestic Abuse is one theme of the ‘trigger trio’ (DVA, Substance Misuse and Mental Health issues) for safeguarding children and young people. Southampton Children Safeguarding Partnership knows that the presence of the ‘trigger trio’ presents a high risk of significant or fatal harm to those families, children and young people.

Johnson Typologies

In his book, A Typology of Domestic Violence (2008), Michael Johnson identifies four different forms of domestic violence.

  1. Intimate Terrorism
  2. Situational Couple Violence
  3. Violent Resistance
  4. Mutual Violence

Understanding these different types of abuse may help inform how we work with and intervention plan with individual families.

Local Support Services

PIPPA – prevention, intervention and public protection alliance

In Southampton, the PIPPA helpline is the gateway to DA services in the city. Pippa Helpline: 023 8091 7917 – Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4:30pm

Other support

There are lots of other support services available for victims of domestic abuse. For full details, look at the Southampton City Council website.

The Hampton Trust also provides specific support those who think they may be hurting or abusing someone to help them to understand and change their behaviour. They run a confidential advice line 023 8000 9898 or can be contacted via their website.