Refused Freedom of Information request on cost grounds

The cost limit for complying with a request, or a linked series of requests from the same person or group, is currently set at £450 local authorities. Southampton City Council can refuse a request if we estimate that the cost of compliance would exceed this limit.

We will, however, tell you whether we hold the information, unless establishing this would exceed the cost limit in itself. You will also be given advice and assistance on how to refine (change or narrow) your request, so that it can be complied with within the cost limit.

If, however, you would still like us to comply with the original request, you will be asked to provide us with a written agreement that you will pay the extra costs.

This cost will include:

  • the cost of compliance (the costs allowed in calculating whether the appropriate limit is exceeded); plus
  • the communication costs; plus
  • £25 an hour for staff time taken for printing, copying or sending the information.

More details can be found in our Charging Policy

For further information you can contact us