Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap data 2021

The gender pay gap is a snapshot of pay that shows the difference in earnings between women and men. In the UK, the gender pay gap increased to 15.4%, from 14.9% in 2020, but is still down from 17.4% in 2019.

This is the fifth year of reporting our gender pay gap. The results of our gender pay gap are displayed below:

  • Mean gender pay gap: 2.2%
  • Median gender pay gap: 2.9%

Gender pay quartiles

Pay quartile Male % Female %
Upper quartile 45% 55%
Upper middle quartile 39% 61%
Lower middle quartile 42% 58%
Lower quartile 37% 63%

Bonus pay

Southampton City Council does not operate a bonus scheme, therefore there is no bonus pay data for the council to report on.

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