Counter fraud

In accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, Internal Audit's involvement in counter fraud work is summarised below:

Local Government Transparency Code 2015
Part 2 Requirements - Fraud
1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021
Number of occasions powers under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud (Power to Require Information) (England) Regulations 2014, or similar powers have been used 1
Total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of employees undertaking investigations and prosecutions of fraud 2 FTE*
Total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of professionally accredited counter 4
Total amount of time spent by the authority on the investigation and prosecution of fraud 46 days
Total number of (new) fraud cases investigated 17

*relates to internal audit staff across the Partnership only (does not include other areas of the council that may affect reported figures i.e. legal, HR, Trading Standards, departmental investigating officers etc.)