Our transformation

Adapt | Grow | Thrive

The council has received an in-principle offer of Exceptional Financial Support from the Government to address the financial challenges reported in the February budget papers. While work has taken place to stabilise the council’s finances through the medium-term financial strategy, it must continue to adapt to operate effectively in an environment of increasing demand and real-term reductions in funding. A £40m budget gap must be bridged for the 2025/26 financial year onwards to ensure the council is a sustainable and financially stable organisation for years to come.

The in-principle offer of Exceptional Financial Support is subject to the council getting approval from the Government for a transformation and improvement plan which must be submitted to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in August.

The transformation programme will create a leaner, more effective and efficient organisation, able to adapt to external factors outside its control whilst ensuring the focus remains on delivering positive outcomes for residents, businesses, and visitors, and helping people and the city to thrive. We are calling the transformation programme adapt | grow | thrive:

adapt… to achieve a sustainable financial position and succeed within a volatile world we will create a more effective and agile organisation focused on outcomes for our residents.

grow… for longer-term success, we will work with our partners to achieve growth and prosperity for our region and our city.

thrive… the work that we are doing with our partners will enable our residents and the city to thrive.

To be successful we will:

  • Review the services we offer and how we deliver them
  • Change the way we work by reviewing our processes, our structures and how we use technology
  • Become more efficient so we can afford to do what needs to be done

We will embrace a culture of positivity, openness, and collaboration, while remaining customer-focused and delivering on our commitments to the city.

A successful outcome means:

Budget set for 2025/26 without additional Exceptional Financial Support (EFS)
Children and young people are safe and valued
Ten-year Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) agreed based on growth and devolution
A more resilient community with improved housing, labour market participation and pay
Investment portfolio
for the region and city to increase growth and productivity
Residents have support, where necessary, to
live independent lives
A focus on prevention,
led by a public health approach
An engaged council
at the heart of city partnerships

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