Contact and count information


PCC – Police and Crime Commissioners are elected to make sure that local police meet the needs of the community.

PARO - Police Area Returning Officer responsible for dealing with candidates and agents and collating the total result across the police authority area.

LRO – Local returning Officer responsible for delivering all aspects of the poll and counting votes relevant to their local area. There are 14 local authority areas making up the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police Force Area.

Verification is the process of opening and checking the contents of each ballot box to ensure the numbers agree with those issued in the relevant polling station.

Count is the process of sorting ballot papers into those for each candidate and counting them to provide a total for each of them. PCC elections are run using first-past-the-post.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Count

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight police authority area will be operating a devolved count process whereby each LRO will verify and count their own papers remotely and then submit the figures to the central hub for collation by the PARO.

Collation by the PARO and declaration of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight result will take place on Friday 3 May 2024 at the Civic Centre in Southampton, SO14 7LY. Access is by ticket only to those entitled to attend.

Declaration time – due to the need to wait for all 14 local authority areas to complete their respective counts it is not possible to provide a specific time for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight wide result to be declared. In an effort to assist with scheduling the PARO has asked the LROs to provide verification figures by 11am, count results are anticipated around 2pm with the final result being dependent on the last set of local figures being received. In Hampshire and Isle of Wight the PARO is in the habit of providing any media in attendance with a 10 minute warning through our communications liaison team so that scheduling can occur.

For details relating to each devolved count please contact the relevant LRO for details.

Press officer contact information

Rachel Griffin 023 8083 3561, communications@southampton.gov.uk

Tickets to the PARO Hub will only be issued subject to accreditation checks by the Press Officer.

Electoral Officer Contact

Please go through Press office in the first instance.

Publication of results

What is the URL of the Council website where results will be published?

Council: www.southampton.gov.uk

Results: http://www.southampton.gov.uk/council-democracy/voting-and-elections/elections-and-referenda/paro/notices.aspx