Traffic island surrounded by water 

If there has been a flood in your property, follow the steps below:

  • If damage has occurred, call your insurance company to inform them of your current situation and follow their advice on what to do next. Make sure you take photographs of any damaged items prior to disposal
  • If you are returning to your property, make sure it is completely safe and stable before entering
  • Do not turn on gas or electrics if they may have gotten wet. Only turn them on when they have been checked by a qualified technician
  • Do not eat food that has touched flood water
  • Do not eat fresh food from the fridge or freezer if your electricity has been turned off for more than four hours
  • Wash your hands regularly with clean water and soap. If there is no clean water, use wet wipes or hand sanitising gel
  • Phone 111 if you have any non-urgent health concerns
  • Contact friends and family for support
  • Ensure there is good ventilation if you are using portable indoor heating appliances inside. Do not use petrol or diesel generators or other similar fuel-driven equipment indoors - the exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide which can kill
  • Stay with friends or family, or ask your local authority or insurance company to help you find alternative accommodation if your home has been damaged by floodwater
  • Dispose of used sandbags at your local tip or contact the environmental health department to get rid of sandbags and other things polluted by chemicals or sewage. 

For more information, guidance and signposts to other support please see the National Flood Forum.

For information on how to safely clear up after flooding follow Public Health England's advice