Sign warning of flooding in road 

Call 999 if there is a danger to life

What to think about when reporting a flood

When reporting a flood, please be as descriptive as possible to help us help you. To help with this please consider the following:

  • Where is the water coming from? – A highway gully, a manhole cover, a nearby watercourse, a drain within the boundary of your property
  • What is being flooded? – A section of highway or pavement, a public place, your garden or driveway, inside your property
  • How long did the flooding last for? – The water subsided quickly, the water lasted a number of hours, the water lasted a number of weeks
  • Has flooding occurred here before? – Times and dates help us to record the information to identify the frequency of the flooding and whether any resolutions previously carried out have worked
  • Is there any evidence of foul sewage? – A bad smell or presence of solid materials or sludge as the water drains away
  • Have you reported the issue before? – Please let us know if you have reported the issue before and to whom so we can follow up any actions
Person taking a picture of flooding on a phone

Photos and videos of flooding incidents are a really useful source of information in helping us to identify possible causes of the flooding incident and who is responsible. If possible and safe to do so, please take photos and or videos of the flooding extent to upload alongside your report.  

Who do I report flooding to?

It is important to report flooding to the correct organisation to ensure the issue is investigated as soon as possible. If you are unsure of whom to report your flooding incident to please use our flow chart for a quick and easy way to get the information you need. 

To report a flooding incident directly to us please use our Report a Flood form.