Contaminated land

Industry, waste disposal and accidental spillages of contaminants can cause contamination of land. If not dealt with, it can be a threat to human health, the environment and the development of the city.

As regulator, landowner and planning authority the City Council is responsible for ensuring that:

  • the land in its area is suitable for its current use
  • land in its area is made suitable for any new use
  • that land recognised as being "contaminated" is made suitable for its current or proposed use
  • it leads by example, when managing contamination on its own land

The council's Regulatory Services - Scientific Services carries out the council's duties in respect to the Part IIA regime.

We also:

  • act as advisor to other council departments about land contamination
  • maintain records on land quality
  • assess site investigations provided with redevelopments proposals to ensure they comply with UK policy
  • oversee remediation schemes to ensure sites are suitable for use