Public register of permit holders

The current register of permit holders is listed below:

Process Name and address Process reference
Dry Cleaners Solent Cleaners, 23 Victoria Road 001/06/LAPPC/DC
Petrol Service Station Aruba UK Limited, 44 Paynes Road 003/98/PSS
Coating Process Snows Accident Repair Centre, Unit 8, First Avenue 007/97/CP
Petrol Service Station Sainsbury's Supermarket, 1 Lordshill District Centre 008/97/PSS
Non Ferrous Metals W.H.Rowe, Quayside Road 010/92/NFM/V1
Dry Cleaners Atlantic Dry Cleaners, Unit 2 Portswood Centre, 128-150 Portswood Road 011/06/LAPPC/DC
Dry Cleaners Atlantic Dry Cleaners, 123-125 St Mary Street 012/06/LAPPC/DC
Concrete Batching Hanson Aggregates, Burnley Wharf, Marine Parade 014/03/LAPPC/CB/V2
Concrete Batching CEMEX, Belvidere Wharf, Belvidere Road 016/92/CB/V1
Coating Process Adams Morey, Redbridge Causeway 019/92/CP
Petrol Service Station Tesco Express, 7 -15 Lodge Road 020/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Tesco Express Stores, 149-153 West End Road 022/98/PSS
Non Ferrous Metals CJR Propulsion Limited, 72 Quayside Road 024/92/NFM
Petrol Service Station Tesco Stores, Tebourba Way 030/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Manor Service Station, 123 Bitterne Road West 032/98/PSS
Coating Process Picador PLC, Portsmouth Road 033/92/CP
Petrol Service Station Totalfina Limited, Clock Service Station, Bassett Avenue 034/98/PSS
Dry Cleaners 1st Choice Cleaners, Unit 8 Longbridge Industrial Park, Floating Bridge Road 036/06/LAPPC/DC
Concrete Batching Lafarge Redland Agg. Limited, BR Freight Depot, Imperial Road 037/03/LAPPC/VC1
Concrete Batching Bardon Mayhew Concrete, Vancouver Wharf, Hazel Road 038/05/LAPPC/CB
Petrol Service Station Shell Service Station, 170 Portsmouth Road 040/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Shell UK Limited, Roselands Service Station, Redbridge Road 042/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Shell UK Limited, Shirley Service Station, 230 - 234 Winchester Road 045/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Shell UK Limited, Swaythling Service Station, Thomas Lewis Way 046/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Northam Service Station, 110 Northam Road 048/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Total (UK) Limited, Sports Centre Service Station, 360 Hill Lane 049/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Sholing SF Connect, 430 Bursledon Road 052/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Co-Operative Service Station, Millbrook Road West 053/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Co-Operative Thornhill, 30/32 Thornhill Park Road 054/98/PSS
Petrol Service Station Shell UK Limited, Hampton Park Service Station, 197 Burgess Road 057/99/PSS
Petrol Service Station Queensway Service Station, 13-15 Queens Way 058/99/PSS
Coating Process Seward Accident Repair Centre, Phoenix Park, Units G/H, West Quay Road 062/07/CP
Coating Process CAT Services UK Limited, Herbert Walker Avenue, Western Docks 065/09/LAPPC/CP
Concrete Batching L&S Waste Management, Ashley Crescent 066/10/CB


Process Name and address Process reference
Printing Siva Plastics Limited, Hazel Road 064/09/LAPPC/CP