Spot the Signs of Abuse and Speak Out

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Report abuse or concerns about an adult

If you are worried that an adult may be at risk of abuse or harm please contact us by using the anonymous form:


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Report a concern about an adult

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Remember, call 999 if an adult is in immediate danger.

4LSAB Safeguarding Concerns - A Brief Guide for Referrers

Spot the signs of abuse and speak out

The signs of abuse could be:

Financial abuse

Money, welfare benefits, belongings or property being withheld or stolen by another person.


Comments or jokes about a person's disability, age, race or sexual orientation.

Physical abuse

Hitting, pushing, slapping, misuse of medication or locking someone in a room.

Sexual abuse

Being made to do things of a sexual nature against someone's will.

Emotional abuse

Shouting, swearing, bullying, teasing or humiliating someone.


Ignoring medical or physical care needs.


Not attending to your own basic needs, for example personal hygiene, health or surroundings, including hoarding.

Domestic abuse

Including coercive control, psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional abuse, and 'honour' based violence.

When you spot these signs of abuse, there are ways you can speak out. Do not assume someone else will speak out instead of you.

If you are worried that an adult may be at risk of abuse or harm, contact:

Telephone: 023 8083 3003
Outside of normal office hours: 023 8023 3344

What will happen next?

We are able to take a number of actions, which might include:

  • Listening, helping and supporting the person
  • Working with them to stop the abuse and protect them or others from further harm
  • Supporting the person and their carers through the process
  • If a crime has been committed, we will work with the police
  • Being available to offer support in the future
  • If we cannot help, we will find out who can

All matters will be handled confidentially. However, if the issues concern evidence of a crime or unacceptable risk, this may be shared with the appropriate authorities.