Stress and anxiety in children

When my son fell out with his friends at school recently he got really upset and anxious. At first, I wondered what all the fuss was about but then I realised how important friends can be at his age.

Stress and anxiety are a rising problem for children and young people. There are many reasons children might feel stressed or anxious The most common are:

  • Being bullied at school and/or online
  • Parents or guardians divorcing
  • Pressure to do well at school
  • Picking up the worries of their parents

Preventing stress and anxiety

The easiest way to tackle stress and anxiety in children is to prevent it developing in the first place.

Make time for your child every day so they feel they can talk to you if anything’s worrying them. Look ahead to times when your child might worry, like going back to school after the holidays for example, and talk about the events well in advance.

Make sure your child gets enough sleep and healthy food. Exercise can reduce stress, so encourage your child to run around with friends outside, rollerblade in the park or ride their bike. Show your child how to breathe deeply and go floppy to de-stress.

If your children is struggling with stress or anxiety there are many ways you can help.

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