Homebid is the choice-based lettings partnership between Southampton City Council and partner Housing Associations.

Southampton City Council works in partnership with a number of Housing Associations (also known as Registered Providers) who have homes for rent in the city. By working together, we maximise the number of affordable homes for rent available to people on the Housing Register.

It also means that to apply for affordable rented homes in the city, only one application needs to be made to join the Housing Register (avoiding the need to apply to every Housing Association individually).

Using Homebid

Applicants who are on the Housing Register can use Homebid to view vacant properties and place bids.

They will then be expected to express an interest in (bid for) advertised properties which suit their requirements.

Details of all available properties will be advertised on Homebid website, and on the Home Connections mobile app which is available from app stores on Android and Apple devices. Property adverts can also be printed using Homebid.

There is information on alternative housing options in the city available on Southampton Homebid

The wait for social housing in Southampton is very long, often five or more years. In addition to a long wait, social housing is not always the right option for everyone.

Social housing does not exist in every area of the City, and not all property types are available; if you want a specific property type or location, then social housing may not be a solution for you.

If you're a member of the Housing Register, remember to keep your Housing Register up to date with any changes of circumstances. It is your responsibility to tell the Allocations team at the Council of any changes to your household or housing situation.

Failure to do so will result in your application being cancelled and, in some cases, exclusion from the Housing Register.


To view current vacancies and place bids, please visit the Homebid site using the link below.

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