Last updated: 19-03-2024. From web page: Service Standards.

Antisocial behaviour service standards

Our standards

How we handle cases

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  • In very serious cases an interview will be arranged within one working day and an Action Plan completed as appropriate
  • All other antisocial behaviour cases will be responded to within three working days and referred to our independent assessment service NFS Mediation
  • In cases that are passed back from NFS Mediation for further action the person who complained will be contacted within three working days to arrange an Action Plan if appropriate

We will:

  • Work with other agencies to resolve antisocial behaviour cases as appropriate
  • Always inform the person who complained when their complaint has been closed
  • Arrange for offensive graffiti to be removed within 24 hours of notification
  • Send out a customer satisfaction survey to all people who make a complaint when their complaint has been closed
  • Refer victims and perpetrators of antisocial behaviour to other agencies as appropriate