Last updated: 19-03-2024. From web page: Service Standards.

Domestic abuse standards

Our standards

How we are tackling domestic abuse

Text on image "We're making a stand against Domestic Abuse"

  • We are committed to tackling domestic abuse, and we will take action, where appropriate, against perpetrators of domestic abuse
  • We will take a victim centred non-judgemental approach to dealing with cases of domestic abuse
  • We will keep victims of domestic abuse informed at all stages of a case
  • We will treat domestic abuse cases with priority and confidentiality. The exception to this is where we have a duty to share information by law, or in child protection circumstances
  • Where appropriate we will offer support for perpetrators of domestic abuse to modify their behaviour and prevent reoccurrence
  • As appropriate we will take action against those who perpetrate domestic violence
  • We aim to respond to all reports of domestic abuse on the same day of the initial report
  • We will complete a Domestic Abuse Risk Indicator Checklist in all cases unless already completed by another agency. We understand that risk can change very quickly and will respond appropriately
  • We will offer additional security to victims of domestic abuse and these where possible these will be completed the same day