Are you looking for a tenant?

Homeseekers Letting Service

Finding the right tenant for your property can be a lengthy and uncertain process.

The council's Homeseekers Letting Service may be able to assist you in finding a tenant for your property. We are a tenant finding service that provides support for landlords and tenants for the first year of the tenancy.

How does this service work?

If you have a property that you wish to let out and need help in finding a tenant, we can help you with this process. Additionally we can provide you with specialist information and advice to assist you in managing your property.

Benefits of registering with our service

As a landlord you will have certain responsibilities and legal duties towards your tenant. By registering with our service we can assist you in managing your tenant and property and help minimise the risks that can lead to financial loss.

Landlords who access Homeseekers Letting Service will receive a number of services. Please download the document 'What we offer as part of the Homeseekers Letting Service?'.

Housing Bond Scheme

The Housing Bond Scheme is run by the Homeseekers Letting Service, this scheme offer bonds to landlords and guarantees against damage and rent arrears equivalent to one months rent. Download the 'Housing Bond Scheme' for further information.

If you are a landlord and would like further information please contact us:


Telephone: 023 8083 2977