Help for private renters

Help for private renters

Live better, rent smarter

As a council, we’re committed to helping private renters navigate the challenges presented by the city’s rental sector, with specialist advice and support.

We work with closely with partner agencies and organisations to show you what should and shouldn’t happen when you’re a private tenant, helping you rent your home with confidence.

Alongside our successful Renters’ Roadshow events, we’re in the process of setting up an online Renters’ Forum to give renters from across the city a platform to ask questions, share experiences and recommend solutions.

In the meantime, here are some useful links to point you in the right direction:

Trading standards and knowing your rights

Most people have an assured shorthold tenancy. Citizens Advice provides support about renting from a private landlord before you start your tenancy, during your tenancy and at the end of your tenancy.

If you’re experiencing issues with your landlord (such as not returning your holding deposit, failing to fix something in your home or letting themselves into the property without proper warning) the Generation Rent website explains your rights.

Benefit entitlement

Want to find out if you’re eligible for benefits? Our benefits toolkit explains what you might be entitled to if you’re on a low income, unemployed, disabled, a carer, retired, recently been bereaved or need help with health care charges. Also take a look at the government’s benefits calculator for more information about how to claim.

Heating your home efficiently

The Environment Centre, which is based in Southampton, is involved in a wide variety of projects aimed at helping individuals, businesses and communities to reduce their environmental impacts and cut carbon. They offer simple and useful information to help you live more sustainably and provide advice on landlords’ legal obligations, and how to deal with common issues like condensation and mould in your rented home.

What to do if you become homeless

If you are threatened with homelessness and have children or vulnerable members in your household, please get help from the homelessness advice service. In most instances we can help to keep you in your existing home. If this is not possible, we will offer you decent affordable housing solutions with a minimum use of emergency accommodation where possible.