Electrical safety

Did you know that electricity causes over 20,000 accidental fires in UK homes every year?

Contact with live electrical wiring or mains can cause burns, fire, explosions or electric shock and can lead to cardiac arrest and even death.


  • Keep all electrical appliances away from water, fires and heaters, positions where they could be damaged
  • Keep cables neat, tidy and tucked away to prevent trip hazards and pets from chewing the cables
  • Check appliance cables regularly for damage such as frays, cuts and kinks
  • Know where the fuse board, RCDs (Residual Current Device) and circuit breakers are located and how to test and operate them
  • Make sure that outdoor electrical appliances such as lawn mowers are protected by an RCD and are safe to use


  • Drill holes or fix nails into the walls without knowing what is above, below and behind them. Walls hide electrical cables and pipework
  • Pull the cord to remove a plug from the socket, as it can cause damage to the plug, socket or appliance
  • Attempt electrical repairs or rewiring without proper certification and competence
  • Overload an extension lead as it will overheat and can cause a fire

REMEMBER: If you have an electrical fire, never throw water on it


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