Library fines and charges

Fines and charges vary depending on the item you are borrowing. 

Below you will find our charges and late fees for items you can borrow from the library.

Please note:

  • If you renew chargeable items you will pay a further hire charge each time you renew
  • If the chargeable items are not renewed or returned on the due date daily fines are applicable

How to pay a fine or fee

You can pay most fines, charges and fees online.

You can do so by logging into My Account with your borrower ID (found on library notices or the back of your card) and your 4-digit library PIN (forgotten your PIN?)

List of hire charges and fees

To Hire How long? Price
Music CD 1 week £1.00
Latest DVD 3 days £2.00
Latest DVD concessionary card holders 3 days £1.00
DVD other 1 week £1.00 to £2.00
DVD box sets 2 weeks £4.00
DVD box sets adult concessionary card holders 2 weeks £2.00
Adult books on cassette 4 weeks 50p
Adult books on CD and MP3 4 weeks £1.50
Children CD ROMs 4 weeks £1.00
Adult CD ROMs 4 weeks £2.00
Information DVD 4 weeks £2.00

Reservation fees and book finding service

Item Charge
Reservation for items in other council libraries Free
Adult items not in stock in Southampton £3.00 basic search, additional £5 for extra search
Adult items not in stock in Southampton concessionary £1.50 basic search, additional £2.50 for extra search
Music sets not in stock in Southampton £20 orchestral set or per 40 vocal scores

Late fines

Late charges Rate per day per item Maximum fine per item
Overdue books 15p £4.50
Overdue books for over 60s 10p £3.00
Story Sacks 50p £15
DVD at hire charge of £2.00 £1.00 £30
Older DVD at hire charge of £1.00 50p £15
Older DVD for children at hire charge 50p 25p £7.50
DVD box sets £1.00 £30
Music CD 25p £7.50

Lost or missing items

Lost items Price
Books Replacement cost
Adult membership card 20p
MP3 books £30
Story sacks £50

Photocopying, printing and scanning

Photocopying, printing and scanning charges Cost
A4 Black and white photocopies and print out 10p per side
A4 Colour photocopies and print outs 50p per side
A3 black and white photocopies and print outs 20p per side
A3 colour photocopies and print outs £1.00 per side
A4 prints from microfilm 30p per side
A3 Prints and microfilm 60p per side
4"x6" prints from Plimsoll image database £2.50 and £1.50 p&p
A4 prints from Plimsoll image database £5.50 and £1.50 p&p
Scanning service £1.00 for up to 10 pages, per transaction

Other Charges

Other charges Cost
Disc repair (per disc) £1.00 to £2.00 depending on disc type
USB Flash Drive from £6 to £10
Fax copies inside UK £1.00 front page 60p for other pages
Fax copies outside UK £1.50
Laminating service £1.00 for A4 and £1.50 for A3
Carrier bags 5p

Hire of rooms or space

Space Time Cost Other costs Library
Meeting room/ library hire during opening hours per hour £12 £36 per 4 hours or £60 per day All libraries
Learning centre hire per hour £30 £90 per 4 hours or £150 per day Central Library
Wall display or stand per day - Charged at the discretion of the service. Please contact the library service for more information.
All libraries

If you have any additional queries or think an amount owing is incorrect please let us know