Terms and conditions for library computers

You should only use your own borrower number and PIN to get access to the computers.

If there is an outstanding issue with your library account you may not be able to log on. Please ask a member of staff to advise you.

Take care when accessing sites which require personal information. Access to and use of the internet is at your own risk.

Please do not alter the computer settings, delete any files or install your own software. These are offences under The Computer Misuse Act (1990).

You must not create, sell, distribute, circulate, read or look at any material that is obscene, pornographic, racist, defamatory, grossly offensive or menacing as outlined in The Obscene Publications Act (1964) and the Telecommunications Act (1984). This includes email messages.

You should not use the computers to view live TV programmes. Access to non-live TV, such as the Channel 4 On Demand service, or the BBC iPlayer service are permissible if you have a TV licence.

Southampton City Council monitors internet use. It is possible to identify sites users have visited and if inappropriate use is detected, further action may be taken. Our privacy and data policy is available for review.

Only single copies of information should be downloaded, to be used for private study or research to ensure that you comply with the Copyright Design and Patents Act (1988) when creating, downloading or printing material.

Southampton City Council is not responsible for damage to your equipment, or for any loss of data, or any damage or liability that may occur from use of the library computers.

Southampton City Council uses filtering systems on its internet access. If you feel a site should not be filtered please give staff details.

Once you log off any data you saved on the computer hard disk or any print release codes are erased.

You should always be considerate to other library users and not make excessive noise or mistreat the equipment. Small bottles of water and drinks are permitted to be consumed at computers but no food.

If you fail to comply with these guidelines, Southampton City Council may take one or more of the following actions:

  • Ask you to stop your actions
  • Withdraw internet and computer access for a period of between one week to six months for repeat or serious offences
  • Withdraw computer access permanently
  • Withdraw access to the library
  • Consider prosecution where the law has been broken

If you require further clarification of any of these points please speak to a member of staff.

Internet safety information