Investment of over £6m to the city’s heritage assets

Earlier this year, a range of new initiatives were announced in the mid-year budget, including an investment of over £6m in our heritage assets

Councillor Spiros Vassiliou, Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture & Heritage comments:

“We have heritage assets to rival other cities, and this plays a big part of our bid to become UK City of Culture 2025. With the help of Prichard Architecture, we have carried out the most comprehensive condition survey of Southampton City Council’s heritage assets since 1993, in line with Historic England guidance and will be using this investment to repair and conserve many of the monuments in Southampton including, for example:

  • High profile monuments such as the Bargate and Town Walls
  • The city’s medieval vaults such as 94-98 High Street, Castle Vault
  • Weigh House, Holyrood Church, William Nichol Tower
  • Town Wall adjacent to Westgate Hall and Westgate Tower
  • Castle Hall South Wall, Castle Bailey Wall North, Castle Eastgate

“It’s incredibly important that we look after our heritage assets, repair them and regenerate them for the public to use in the future. The restoration work is detailed, complex and to be carried out carefully by specialist contractors. This means we are unable to give exact timescales and the full complexity of some of the work is not always apparent until you get started. But we’re so thrilled to be making this announcement and will provide regular updates as the work progresses.” 

For the full list of affected monuments visit the Heritage asset regeneration page.

The Bargate and its two lion statues