Heritage asset regeneration

This is a list of all the heritage assets to be repaired or regenerated.

Please note this list is presented in alphabetical order, not in order of priority, or in order of work to be carried out.

  • Bargate
  • Canute's Palace, Porters Lane
  • Castle Hall and Garderobe
  • Castle Vault
  • Conduit House, Commercial Road
  • Holy Rood Church, High Street
  • Holyrood Church
  • Stone wall to the north of Canute‚Äôs Palace
  • Round Tower
  • Round Tower on Town Walls, East
  • Tower Walls, West and South
  • Town Wall sections from:
    • Arundel Tower to Catchcold Tower
    • Catchcold Tower to Garderobe Tower
    • Pilgrim Fathers Memorial to Bugle Street
    • South Arcades to Pilgrim Fathers Memorial
    • Westgate to South Arcades
  • Watergate