Southampton Castle

A drawing of Southampton Castle showing a keep on an earthen mound within walls. The walls are surrounded by a ditch on one side. There are buildings within the walls and a large settlement (Southampton) in the background

Although the castle disappeared many centuries ago, there are some important elements of the royal castle complex still in existence. Most of these are being repaired as part of the Heritage Assets Repair Programme.

In 2023, the focus was on the massive Castle Bailey Wall North – the curved wall next to Castle Way and the Albion Place Car Park. The entire wall has been repointed and turf laid on the top to create a ‘soft capping’. This technique has also been used on the Weigh House in French Street to protect the tops of the walls and stop them decaying in future.

Find out more details about soft capping.

In 2024, we will be concentrating on Castle Hall and the Castle Vault along Western Esplanade.