Update about waste collections from the Leader, Councillor Lorna Fielker

Councillor Fielker provides an update on disruption to waste collections

An open letter from Councillor Lorna Fielker, Leader of Southampton City Council"I am sorry that residents continue to be impacted by disruption to bin collections in some parts of the city.

"Whilst we are seeing an improving picture, there remains more to be done to restore the regular collection for everyone. We are ensuring there are additional resources available throughout the week to help clear delayed collections and side waste, and have Saturday collections in place, with domestic and bulky waste being prioritised.

"The majority of missed collections are emptied within four days of the scheduled collection dates and there were 20% fewer missed collections reported in March compared to the previous month. However, we recognise this is not the level of service we are committed to delivering and we will continue to work to improve day-to-day performance and make our rounds more effective.

"I understand the frustration caused by this service disruption and continue to urge people to report their missed bin collections with us online. Once again I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused."