Appeals outcomes and deadlines

When will I find out the outcome of my appeal?

Appellants will usually be sent the outcome of their appeal within five school days of the appeal hearing. This may be longer for appeals where there are multiple appellants.

When will my appeal be heard?

Admission authorities must ensure appeals lodged by the appropriate deadlines are heard within the following timescales:

  • For applications made within the normal admissions round, appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals
  • For applications for in-year admissions, appealsĀ must be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged

For schools using the Local Authority's services, appeals must be lodged by the dates shown on the Local Authority's appeal timetable. This is published before offers are made. Other schools will have their own arrangements.

You will be informed of the date of your appeal at least 10 school days in advance of the hearing.

Final papers will usually be sent to you at least five clear working days before the hearing.

Further appeals

Further appeals are usually not possible after a decision has been made by the Independent Appeal Panel.

The decision is final and legally binding upon both the parent and the admissions authority.

However, further appeals may be permitted if there has been significant and material change in circumstances relevant to the application.

Examples of this could be:

  • A serious medical condition has arisen since the time the original application was made
  • The family has moved into the catchment area of a school

If the admissions authority determines that there has been a significant change in circumstances, but still rules that a place is not available, you will have the right to a fresh appeal. If they decide that there has not been a significant change in circumstances, you will not be allowed to make a new appeal.

Next steps

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