Slips, trips and falls

The Health and Safety Executive has a developed slips and trips information on its website. Here you will find a wealth of information to help you assess your workplace and develop controls for prevention.

The website has notes on prevention of slips and trips including notes for employers, workers, architects and designers. There are also case studies to illustrate the problems and solutions.

Managers should have systems in place for the regular inspection of workplaces to ensure Slip and Trip hazards don't appear. SWP Managing Health and Safety will provide guidance on inspections.

Safety footwear is covered in SWP Personal Protective Equipment.

The legislative requirements for flooring are set out in SWP Workplace Health Safety and Welfare.

The SWPs listed above can be found in the downloadable documents list below.

Document Type Size
Slips, Trips and Falls - guidancedoc519 KB
Arrangement For Managing Health And Safetypdf450.2 KB
Safe Working Procedure - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)pdf275.2 KB
Safe Working Procedure - Workplace Health, Safety And Welfarepdf220.5 KB