Elective home education


Southampton City Council has created a Facebook page which we will use as a tool to communicate with our EHE community, sharing events, information and resources that home educators may find useful. Please ‘follow us’ to ensure that you do not miss out.

Please note that Facebook will not be used as a means of individual communication so you should continue to contact us on home.education@southampton.gov.uk

Elective home education is the term used to describe parents' decisions to provide education for their children at home instead of sending them to school. We recognise that parents may choose home education for a variety of reasons. Parents have a responsibility to make sure that their child is educated. Most children attend school for their education, but parents have the right to educate their child at home, called Elective Home Education (EHE).

Educating your child at home is a big commitment and there's a lot to think about, therefore our website offers advice, support and guidance to support this decision.

DfE advice

On 20 October 2020 the DfE published advice for parents considering Elective Home Education, to clarify the implications of withdrawing children from school and the challenges involved in providing elective home education. We would encourage all parent to read the blog.