Reduced timetables

A timetable is considered reduced when the total hours provided for your child are less than those provided to the majority of their peers in school. We would not ordinarily expect a parent to request a reduced timetable, they are generally one of a range of strategies that a school’s leaders may consider.

They should only be implemented as a temporary measure and with parental agreement, otherwise they could be seen as an unofficial exclusion, which is unlawful. Whilst on a reduced timetable, your child’s absence from school during sessions when they are not required in school will be recorded as authorised absence.

Southampton City Council has produced local guidance for our schools and expects the best practice it contains to be followed. Children should be returned to full time education as quickly as possible. As part of our process you should be asked to discuss, agree and sign a Reduced Timetable Proforma and a Risk Assessment by your child’s school before a reduced timetable can be implemented. Any reduction should always be made in the child’s best interests.

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