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Southampton statistics
For a one-stop shop for data, intelligence and headline statistics covering
Southampton’s population, health, community safety, economy and public services ... - 16k

Meeting the housing, education and health needs of a growing ...
Meeting the housing, education and health needs of a growing population.
One of the key challenges of the new Local Plan will be ... - 19k

Response from Councillor Christopher Hammond, Leader of ...
... official Coronavirus dashboard as published by the Government shows an increase
of two cases in this week’s report for Southampton’s population of 252,520 ... - 18k

Southampton City Council launches consultation asking for your ...
With the population of the city estimated to grow by nearly 26,000 over the next
two decades, the council needs to think ahead. 11/02/2020. City vision. ... - 21k

Public health privacy statement
... In order to improve the health of the population we serve, we use data and information
from a range of sources, including hospitals, births and death ... - 25k

A to Z of Council Services
... Population. Census details and different population estimates for Southampton.
More about... Southampton's population. Port Health. ... - 63k

SCC HCD & PHD Medical Report
... For conditions that cause an increased liability to epileptic attacks, the
risk of attacks must fall to that of the general population. ... -

[PDF] Market Position Statement: Care and support services for the ...
... Statement Care and support services for the ageing population SOUTHAMPTON 2019 –
2022 Page 2. ... Our care services need to reflect this diverse population. ... - 2021-03-09

... 26, 27, Step 1, Calculate additional population, 28, 29, Enter the number of units
proposed, 0, 30, 31, Net population increase per housing unit, 2.40, 32, ... -

... The services must be delivered in a manner that reflects the City’s diverse population
to include, (but not restricted to) older people, BME and transition ... -

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