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Road safety is a topic we’re all responsible for – whatever mode of transport we decide to use on any particular occasion. Road safety affects everyone because it includes people walking, cycling, horse riders, scooters, drivers and all other road users.

However, the updated Highway Code is clear that people facing the greatest risk in the event of a collision – people walking and cycling – are prioritised above those driving motor vehicles, who have the most responsibility to consider others due to the greater harm motor vehicles can cause in the event of a collision.

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Southampton City Council is committed to ensuring the city’s streets are safe for everyone who uses them. Our Connected Southampton 2040 Local Transport Plan sets out our objectives to make Southampton a place where people can easily and safely get around; and continue to reduce serious casualties from transport collisions towards zero, focusing on the safety of children and people walking and cycling.

The following images will help you understand various types of junction and crossing that can often be found in and around Southampton.

Continuous Footways Resized
Using continuous footways - Give priority to pedestrians and cyclists if driving. Always check for traffic before crossing and slow your speed when approaching on bike.
Contraflow Cycle Lanes Resized
Using contraflow cycle lanes - Follow the road markings indicating the direction of travel If driving, be aware of cyclists using the contraflow lane.
Cycling Shared Use Path Resized
Cycling on a shared use path - Slow down, use your bell and allow plenty of space for people walking
Passing Someone Cycling Resized
Passing someone cycling - allow at least a metre and a half between your vehicle and the person cycling
Turning Out Of A Junction Resize
Turning out of a junction - Look both ways, check for cyclists and motorcyclists and allow them plenty of space
Using E Scooters Resized
Using e-scooters - Do not ride on pavements or twin ride. Be aware of your surroundings and other road users.
Using Modal Filters Resized
Using modal filters - If you are cycling, stay on the left if possible and slow down to pass through. If you are driving, do not park vehicles across modal filters
Using Onstreet Parking Resized
Using on-street parking - Be aware of other road users when pulling in or out of on-street parking bays. Be extra vigilant before opening car doors, using the your hand furthest from the door to ensure you turn your head before opening.
Using Parallel Crossings Resized
Using parallel crossings - drivers must give way to people walking or cycling
Using School Streets Resized
Using School Streets- Do not contravene a School Street timed road closure. If driving a permitted vehicle, travel slowly through the closure zone and give priority to pedestrians.

If you have any questions about the rules, or you’d like anything explained further, the Highway Code is a useful tool that explains the rules for all situations.