High risk domestic abuse

Making a Referral to MASH for High Risk Domestic Abuse (HRDA)

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In Southampton all adults experiencing high risk Domestic Abuse need to be referred to the Children's Resource Service (CRS) for multi-agency risk reduction discussion. These referrals to CRS are for adults with or without children. There is one CRS referral form that covers both adults and their children (if applicable) and the documents which support this process are available on the domestic abuse webpages.

For access to specialist help and support for adults experiencing Domestic Abuse below high risk level, professionals can call PIPPA on 02380917917. The PIPPA helpline provides help and guidance, including assistance with assessing risk levels and will also make an onward referral to domestic abuse advisors.

If you have concerns for a child living with domestic abuse and those concerns are likely to meet safeguarding thresholds, always refer to CRS:

  • If the adult is known to be experiencing high risk domestic abuse you can make one referral to CRS for the adult (victim) and children
  • If the adult is not known to your service or your adult contact is not sufficient to complete this form and/or the Domestic Abuse risk is below high (and you still have concerns about the child) contact CRS. Referrals in this situation will be for a child safeguarding referral (CRS ‘as usual’)

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