Paying for your social care services

There are three ways that social care services may be paid for:

  • The person being cared for pays the full cost of their care. This is called ‘self-funding’
  • The Local authority pays for some or all of the care costs
  • The NHS may sometimes also contribute to the cost of all or some of the care

Social care services, unlike health care, are not free for everyone and most people will have to contribute something towards the cost of their care. Some people will have to pay the full cost.

Before the decision is made if you are eligible for funding, a social care practitioner will carry out an assessment of your care needs. If you have eligible care needs that qualify for help, a Financial Assessment will be completed. This is to calculate how much you will be asked to pay towards the cost of your care.

If you choose not to complete a financial assessment you will be charged the full cost of your care.

Below is some general guidance on how we work out your contribution.

How we work out how much you pay

If you:

  • Have savings and capital above £23,250 you will pay the full cost for your support.  You will be referred to as a self-funder
  • Have savings and capital under £23,250 you will have to pay the assessed contribution towards the cost of your care
  • Receive care at home the value of your main residence is not included if you live there. But the value of any other properties that you own/jointly own or have a beneficial interest in, will be taken in account
  • Go into a residential or nursing home permanently, the value of any properties that you own may be included

You will be asked to complete a Statement of Financial Circumstances form.

Your contribution is means tested and you will need to give us information and evidence about your income, benefits, savings, capital and expenses. This will enable us to determine whether:

  • You will need to contribute towards your care cost
  • You will have to meet the full cost yourself
  • Southampton City Council will meet all the cost of you care

The financial assessment is a detailed process, and the calculation is made by using the financial information that you provide to us. Every case is treated individually in accordance with the Care Act 2014 and Southampton City Council's charging policy.

If you choose not to complete a Statement of Financial Circumstance form, you will be charged the full cost of your care. 

Find out more at your contribution explained.

Change of circumstances

If you have a change in your financial circumstances, you must tell us as your contribution will need to be reviewed.  You will need to provide us with the evidence of the change by:



FAB Team
Wellbeing (Health and Adults)
Southampton City Council
Civic Centre
SO14 7LY

Your contribution cannot be reviewed unless we receive evidence of the change in your financial circumstances.

Find out more about change of circumstances.

Adult Social Care charging policy

Southampton City Council has a charging policy for residential and non-residential care for social care clients.  This policy sets out how the council meets its legal requirements in relation to the determination and calculation of charges for social care services.

Download the Adult Social Care charging policy.

You can also view the Care Act 2014.

If you have any queries

Please telephone 023 8083 3003.

When calling you can choose from these options:

  • Option 1 - care needs and care provision
  • Option 2 - invoices
  • Option 3 - client contribution